Rubber Band Batman to the Rescue

To the rescue of the sad little boy who had rubber band Batman number 1 stolen from him. This Batman is based on the Thor action figure tutorial below. I couldn’t find any tutorials on actual Batman, so I came up with this little chart to use along with the other tutorial.

You will need:

  • 52 gray bands
  • 121 black bands (43 without cape)
  • 7 flesh color (I used glow-in-the-dark orange) bands
  • 7 yellow bands
  • and 1 white band

Note:It isn’t mentioned in the chart, but the horizontal bands are singular, not double.

Simple version of the instructions is to start with the arms. Place bands, using 2 at a time except the one that needs 3, from top to bottom, then loop the bands in the opposite direction, placing the 3 bands on the offset top bands. Hold the arms on toothpicks or similar objects, with the top loops grouped separately from the bottom.

Next, place the vertical bands from top to bottom. Put the arms at the shoulders as indicated, then place the single horizontal bands as shown.

Before looping the bands, you are going to first need to extend the legs by wrapping a cap band on the hook, pulling through two (held together) black bands, and two (held together) gray bands as if you were making a single bracelet with the mini-loom. Place this on the bottom peg at one leg and create another for the other side.

Finally, loop all the bands from bottom up, placing all of the top bands (both loops) on the center peg. Pull a single black band through, and loop it through itself into a knot.

To add the eyes, take a single white band, push the hook through the mask area at one side, pull one side of the band through, placing a c-clip on the back side. Weave the band at the front behind the center v and then back through the other side of the head to create two, even eyes. Place the other end of the white band, and the loop created by the last black band, into the c-clip.

To make the cape, make a 6-long by 6-across “triple single”. A good tutorial on the “triple single” can be found on the Rainbow Loom website. To make it 6 across, either use two looms side-by-side, or you can create the regular size, lay the vertical bands for a second one, and stretch the horizontal bands from the first across in the same manner on the second. If you tie off the tops in the same manner as the top of Batman, it gives you two nice loops on either will pull those loops through at the shoulder, loop two single black bands through in a chain, pulling them around to the opposite side of Batman’s head, and secure them in the c-clip. Do that on both sides, and your Batman is complete.

The first time I did it, this took me about 2 hours. Once I got the basic shape down, the second attempt took only about half an hour. So if you are familiar with making action figures on the Rainbow Loom, it is a fairly quick project. If it is your first time, set aside a good bit of time to work on it undistracted.