WIP Wednesday: Planning Stage

I don’t have many pictures this week. Mostly because I don’t really have much of what I’m working on started yet. Most of it is still in the planning stages. But I do have the yarn for my knitting projects.

But that is for a secret Christmas project. My Christmas projects are usually secret just in case I don’t get it done. That way no one is expecting something that can’t get completely finished by Christmas.

One thing I know I am getting finished on time are some hats I am making to put in the Operation Christmas Child boxes. Really, they are finished but I am adding these care tags to them, to make them look more legit and less “home-made.”

Also, tangentially related as my laundry is currently in progress, I found this on a clothing tag as I was separating clothes for the dryer or the hanger:

I wonder how many people on the line noticed that and yet said nothing. Or if it really got all the way through without anyone catching the typo.

Clothespin Mess

That’s what I had on my hands after using my new clothespins for the first time. They had been packed so nice and neatly in their plastic tray, and then I just didn’t feel like trying to stack them all back up.

Easiest solution? Throw them in a bag. Only problem was, I didn’t have a bag like that lying around. So I made one.

Basic instructions (I didn’t write down anything as I was doing it, so very minimal instructions) are on the Ravelry project page. It has a drawstring closure

and sits pretty well when it is full.

It was actually a pretty easy project to figure out in an afternoon, so hopefully my vague instructions aren’t too confusing.

The List Keeps Piling Up

I really like to keep lists for some reason. Rarely actually follow them completely, but I make a lot of them. In fact, I have a list of projects I need to post here. Obviously hasn’t motivated me to do it, because there are some things on that list I think I made last year…

That’s why I have to keep such lists, though. I would never remember what it was I planned to do by the time I actually got around to doing it. I wish I could lie and say I’m busy, but I’m just a good procrastinator. You know, my CDs really do absolutely have to be re-alphabatized every so often. Especially when I have something like folding laundry or packing to do.

All of this to say that, I really do have things I plan to share, and I will get there soon. I was going to try to have posts written to automatically pop up while I’m on vacation these next two weeks, but that might not happen. We’ll see how the next hour goes…