LEGO Movie Emmet Hat

It’s been a year and the Lego movie is still an obsession in this house. Not that I can remember the last time we actually watched the movie itself, but the characters and “stuff” are still in very high demand. Like this hat:

It’s “Emmet,” the movie’s hero.

Ran into a small bit of trouble with the planning. See, I started with a bottom-up swatch to get the technique for the hat brim, but then I tried to knit the hat top-down. That led to the brim almost pointing straight up. So I had to turn it back around. It was the first time in a long time that I had knit a hat from bottom to top. I usually go top-down so I can make it fit more easily.

The facial features are felt, sewn on with six stranded embroidery floss. I chose to leave off the hair so it can stretch properly and fit for a while. The eager recipient has a big head and a lot of hair.

P.S. – My mom wrote a pretty great flu survival guide for those who live alone. You should probably read that before you get hit with the flu this season.

Gutting Pumpkins

For some reason, the pumpkins that got carved on Sunday rotted by Wednesday. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that happen. But, to help the five-year-old feel better, we carved a new one today. The one that rotted was Good Cop/ Bad Cop from The Lego Movie, so we replaced him with Lord Business.

I was in charge of scooping the insides out. I think that might actually be my favorite part of carving the pumpkin. Except this pumpkin had a non-existent stem to pull the lid off with.

Luckily this house is full of wine bottles and cork screws. Best makeshift stem ever. And of course we had to cook his guts once they were removed.

And we ate them all within the afternoon. While those cooked, the five-year-old “helped” me carve the face. As in he held the knife while I actually did the cutting. But he tried to do it on his own a couple times. That’s just a really difficult (and dangerous!) thing for him to do on his own.

In the end, we have Lord Business as he was falling into the pit. That happened in the movie, right? I’ve seen the blasted thing at least five times and can barely remember anything past MilhouseĀ and quoting Batman’s “I only work in black. And sometimes very, very dark grey.”

Happy Halloween, Everybody!