Frocktober Is Over

And I almost made it. I mean, I did make 31 drawings and use all of the prompts from the list, but I just finished today. That means it took me 5 days longer than it should’ve, but I did stop to focus on the Snuggle Bug Sweater I was test knitting halfway through the month.

This time around, I used a mixed media spiral drawing pad. I have to say, I kind of regretted that choice toward the end because all of my skin tone markers are dried out. But I wanted to use what I had, and I had this notebook sitting around.

I definitely got sloppy with my proportions over time, and started rushing them to just be done, but I also ended up with quite a few that I was really happy with. I also really liked drawing in a bunch of different skin tones and hair styles. That was something that we really didn’t do in school and I hadn’t really been doing since I finished school either. But it definitely makes this collection of drawings a lot more fun.

I’m really glad I went with Amy Mebberson‘s list of prompts this year. Having the structure of focusing on outfits instead of just a bunch of random drawings definitely helped in coming up with something to draw every day.

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Behind Closed Doors – Illustration Friday

Prompt: Mischief
Materials: smooth Bristol 4×4 tile, marker, pigma micron pen

I watch small children for a living. All boys. So when I saw the “mischief” prompt, I immediately thought of them running off to a room and closing a door. Because, you know, that usually indicates mischief is going on behind there. The chaos around the door is supposed to be coming from behind it.

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