A Vacation on Vacation

(This was originally two separate pictures, but apparently Google+ now has a features that automatically takes two photos which obviously overlap or go next to each other and create a panorama view. It is awesome.)

After our week in Paris, we moved down south to the region called the Dordogne. The town was named Montignac. It’s a small town, although much more upscale than most of the small towns here in America. It is also the location of Lascaux, the oldest found cave paintings in the world.

We took a tour through Lascaux II, a reproduction of the original cave which is now closed to all people. Unfortunately, you can’t take pictures inside the cave, but it was impressive to learn how the prehistoric people used scaffolding and oil lamps to paint on the top parts of the cave walls.

Another place we visited but I didn’t take pictures of was this prehistoric cave that had been inhabited well into the 14th or later centuries. It started as a cave that was steadily built around to create a fortress. They also built up about five stories, working with the natural cave behind to create rooms. Being an ancient fortress, there were also some pretty disturbing parts, dungeons and torture devices and such, but the way they built the fortress and how they lived in it was interesting to learn.

The second week was much more relaxing and vacation-like. Less running around trying to “see everything.” After the over-full week in Paris, we all needed it.

This whole trip was my first time out of the country. Did I mention I speak zero French beyond “merci,” “bonjour,” and “au revior.” Which makes me wonder: Have you ever been out of your home country? Did you speak the language, or were you as lost as I felt trying to navigate transactions without speaking? Where is your favorite place you’ve ever been?