These Cookies Are Popping

Pops are the “treat of the moment” lately. Cake, brownies, krispie treats, basically anything you can shove a stick into and cover in chocolate is being turned into cute treats. Including Oreos:

When this Nerdy Nummies episode came across my instagram feed, I immediately forwarded it to one of the birthday boys’ mamas. If you can remember, he’s obsessed with Baymax. So I thought those would be perfect for treats for his party.

He’s also obsessed with Pokémon, so I thought I’d try to make a few of those. I figured out how to turn Baymax into Pikachu and made a Pokémon ball to make four different characters.

One thing I changed from the tutorial was using popsicle sticks (well, all I could find was tongue depressors, but same concept) instead of the lollipop sticks. That’s because I was using regular not-Oreos that don’t come in the triple-stuffed variety. I think they might even work better in the triple-stuffed version.

I also forgot to get styrofoam for drying, so I taped two cake boards together with plastic dixie cups between them for height. I cut slots for the sticks with a steak knife, then made it the right size by shoving a popsicle stick into each.

These were super easy to make, and they taste really good. They were a hit at the party (and with my mom, who ate all of the test ones I made at her house).

July 4th Treats

I like having excuses to make treats. Honestly, I enjoy making them almost more than I enjoy eating them. So a holiday is a perfect excuse for making something delicious because you get to share it with everyone for the holiday. Like July 4th, which is the perfect excuse to make some red, white, and blue treats. Like these red, white, and blue treats from Rosanna Pansino at Nerdy Nummies:

You know that I had to make these chocolate treats. I even made the yogurt pops, for the little ones.

My mom and I started with the flag pretzels. We managed to snag the last bag of square pretzels from the store, and chocolate covered pretzels are one of my favorite things, so we definitely had to make these. We traded around in shifts to melt the chocolate and decorate the pretzels.

While my mom worked on the red and blue parts of the pretzels, I used the still-warm white chocolate to start on the strawberries:

The chocolate wasn’t quite warm enough, so it kind of created a little ridge when I dipped them into the sugar:

They still taste good, though.

Last but not least, the popsicles:

As was pointed out by the occasionally observant five-year-old, they turned out a bit more pink, white, and blue than red, white, and blue. But they still taste good. Though the 5oz cup may have been a bit large.

All-in-all, it was a pretty good round-up of treats for the holiday week. What holiday treats did you make/have?

Yummy DIY: Rugrats Bouncy Ball Cookies

After watching this Nerdy Nummies episode, I have been determined to make Lego Piñata cookies.

Unfortunately, I’ve been having a ridiculous time trying to find rectangular shaped cookie cutters. They were completely sold out at Michael’s this morning, so I finally just let the baby decide what shape our cookies were going to be and what shape we should put on top. He picked circles for the main cookie and stars for the topper, so what popped into my mind was Tommy’s bouncy ball:

I still made all four colors of the cookies:

(See, I’m even watching the Nerdy Nummies playlist in the background.)

And I set the out in groups so I could alternate the colors.

Unlike the original ball, I tried not to repeat any colors in each cookie. Due to my inability to divide the dough correctly, I ended up with three cookies worth of blue and yellow, but only two cookies worth of red and green. So some colors got repeated.

The filling suggested in the video is mini M&Ms, but we found candy covered sunflower seeds to go in the centers of these instead. I just didn’t take any pictures of that part.

The two cookie cutters I used to make the center cookies were really close in size, so the center rings were a bit flimsy:

(Hey, is that the O from the Nickel-O-Zone? Anyone else even remember that? Just me? Yeah, pretty sure that’s just me.)

To fix them a bit, I put the cookie cutter onto the baking sheet and sort of pressed the O back into the right shape so it would fit well in the middle.

I don’t know that any of the kids I’m feeding these cookies to would get the reference if I explained it to them, but I’m sure there have to be at least a few people out there who still get it. 🙂