Wrapping Up 2013

It’s completely cliché, but appropriate in this case. That is because I am ending the year with a write-up of my Christmas presents. Ok, not mine (which were approximately 95% coffee-related. I don’t plan on sleeping until 2015 with my new caffeine supply.) but the ones I actually got made.

It never fails, I know Christmas happens at the end of December, yet I always seem to wait until November to start making Christmas presents. I swear one of these years I’m going to start earlier. I make no promises on which year that will be, but one of these years I’m going to do it.

Anyway, on to the presents I managed to finish in the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas. First up I finished a shawl for one of my grandmothers:

This is also the thing I took the most pictures of:

Thanks to the remote viewfinder app for my camera, I can be my own model:

Next up is a warm little set for a friend, a basket weave hat

and a pair of fingerless mitts.

Here’s how they look on the hand (well, one hand, anyway):

Next up is a cross-stitched iPhone cover for another friend:

Unfortunately, the edges flared out and it became kind of misshapen as you can see in the picture.

Last we have what I’m calling the “Meta Coffee Cup Cozy”

because it is a picture of a coffee mug to go around a morning coffee.

I also gave my other grandmother her half-made scarf with the needle cable still through it and capped at the ends. But I obviously had to take that one back because I am still finishing it. Not bad for starting way too close to Christmas to actually get anything done. Maybe 2014 will be the year I don’t procrastinate on Christmas gifts…

(P.S. – Click on the name of the knitted gifts to go to the Ravelry project page for more information on the item.)

The List Keeps Piling Up

I really like to keep lists for some reason. Rarely actually follow them completely, but I make a lot of them. In fact, I have a list of projects I need to post here. Obviously hasn’t motivated me to do it, because there are some things on that list I think I made last year…

That’s why I have to keep such lists, though. I would never remember what it was I planned to do by the time I actually got around to doing it. I wish I could lie and say I’m busy, but I’m just a good procrastinator. You know, my CDs really do absolutely have to be re-alphabatized every so often. Especially when I have something like folding laundry or packing to do.

All of this to say that, I really do have things I plan to share, and I will get there soon. I was going to try to have posts written to automatically pop up while I’m on vacation these next two weeks, but that might not happen. We’ll see how the next hour goes…

“Later, the Perfect Time to Do Anything”

It’s my favorite quote from the old (i.e. early-90s) “Garfield and Friends” Saturday morning cartoon. My mother hates when I use that quote and always insists I should do whatever it is I am putting off right away.

I have always been a great procrastinator when it comes to things I don’t want to do, especially homework. I avoided classwork and homework from the time I was in Kindergarten. Particularly because I never felt the need to do something multiple times to prove to someone else that I knew it. (I felt the same with lectures, especially in math. I perfected sleeping with my eyes open through my high school math classes and still got near perfect scores.)

Lately, I procrastinate on things I like to do as well as things I don’t like. I have found the easiest way to procrastinate is to follow links at the bottom of web pages to read related articles. If you get a long enough chain going, you can put other things of for days at a time.

The other way I personally like to procrastinate is to do something that may be on the bottom of the to-do list. When I was still in school and approaching a deadline on a project, I often found myself cleaning my room or doing laundry (necessary, but not the most important thing to do).

If all else fails, bake brownies. Brownies are a great way to procrastinate.

How do you like to procrastinate?