I May Have Gone A Little Overboard

So I saw a tweet the other night from someone who found 90s Nickelodeon fabric at their local JoAnns. “Cool,” I thought, “I’ll look it up tomorrow.” Fast forward to yesterday and me trying to find that tweet again to be sure it really said JoAnns, because I couldn’t find anything other than Ninja Turtles and Paw Patrol.

I decided to just do a regular search and found that there were at least three different shops on Etsy offering it for about $7 a yard. I’m assuming this is probably better than I will be able to find it if it really does exist inside a JoAnns store anyway, so I bought five yards. There’s at least going to be a dress out of it. As well as some other things, I’m sure. I’ll get the whole outfit going.

Golden Birthday

I turned 26 on Saturday, which means it was my “Golden Birthday.” And it was definitely a special one.

First off, this is where I spent the afternoon. It was amazing! They played two sets and at least two encores. It was also my first rock show, and the first concert I’ve ever been to where everyone in the audience was a fan of the band. You didn’t really have too many people who weren’t excited to be there.

I took some video as well, but the image quality is too poor to post. Those were mostly for me to listen to later anyway. And to show the boys the next morning.

The merch table had a really good deal on both records. They were $20 apiece, but you could get both for $30. Better than you could find at any actual record store. I also got the shirt that has been one of my favorites of theirs for a while.

The family I work for gave me these really cool Vans. They are the 50th anniversary woven leather ones. I would’ve worn them to the concert, except I had tweaked my ankle terribly earlier in the day and had to wrap it and wear high tops. I’ve never been able to wear slip-ons with my ankle wrapped. But I did get to wear them shopping the next day.

On Sunday, we raided the vinyl section at Barnes and Noble to spend my gift card. We attempted to go to Kohls, too, but somehow we forget every year that they close on Easter. We did that last year, too. Anyway, managed to find myself four more records for the collection and had a bit left on the card so I found a bound collection of Batgirl comics that continues the story from the digital issue I got a while back through a survey or something. I don’t really remember, but I got hooked on the storyline.

All-in-all it was a really great way to spend my birthday. How did you spend Easter weekend?

Don’t Let Me Loose in a Closing Office Supply Store

I’m going to start by either informing or reminding you that I am a nanny. I don’t work in an office. I’m not even some type of freelancer who does office work at Starbucks. I watch children for a living. And yet, I spent fifty dollars at the Office Depot that is closing and has everything on sale this weekend.

That’s a full set of Sharpie pens, a bunch of felt tip pens, two different kinds of Post-its, some book tabs, and some electrical tape. So they are things that are necessary. Sort of. Still probably a little overboard.

Snug and Cozy

Well, my camera is anyway. It is way too warm still to be thinking of snug and cozy for anything else.

Speaking of my camera, I have a new one that takes awesome pictures and doesn’t run on a pack of AA batteries a week. This camera, if you happen to be so interested. It was on a good sale last week. I’m not taking a picture of my camera. That is just too weird.

You know what I did take a picture of? The cover I made for my camera. A few pictures, actually. Like this one of the front:

And this one from the side:

And this one of the soft inside:

I used a plain cotton for the outer part, and some faux fur on the inside to make it nice and cushioned. I added a button and some suede thread for a looped closure. The way the flap covers the top, I can use the wrist strap of the camera to carry it in the case. A quick and easy way to have a camera case that didn’t cost anything and is much brighter than the cases offered at the store.

Something Up My Sleeve

Well, not technically up my sleeve yet because it’s still 100 degrees every afternoon and wearing long enough sleeves of that would be absolutely insane.

This idea came about when I was preparing for my Paris trip and trying to come up with a way to carry my wallet contents without actually having to deal with a wallet in such a tourist area. Because everyone knows pickpockets gather in tourist areas. Which is why I wear pants with buttoning pockets to Universal. Well, that and so I don’t lose my phone on a roller-coaster.

Anyway, back to the wallet. I didn’t actually get it finished in time for Paris because I got stuck on the closure. I had originally planned for snaps so it could be reversible. That didn’t work out so well because I kind of forgot how to put the snaps in, plus snapping it seemed like it might be a little difficult to put on one-handed.

I finally went with buttons and loops. Much easier to put on. I just made a long bias strip out of the remaining piece of the top fabric and cut 4 – 1-and-a-half-inch strips.

I made an opening with a zipper to keep everything safe inside. I took the zipper pull off and sewed the edge to each side first. Then I put the zipper pull back. Pretty easy to put it together this way.

The fabrics I used for the outside and the lining are the same pattern in two different color ways. Both are from Anthology Fabrics from a couple of years ago.



I like how this came together, but I think I am also going to make another one. Just to have a couple of options, especially so I can wash one and have another on hand. I think I will do the second one on the bias and just make it slip over my hand rather than using a closure. If it works out, I may just write that pattern up and share it.

In Defense of CDs

I love technology, spend most of my free time on the Internet, and own not one but two iPods. Yet whenever a new album is released that I must absolutely have, I run down to Target to pick it up on CD. That’s right, I could just sit at my computer and download it in about three seconds yet I go to a store, walk to the back to find the CD, wait in line to buy it, and then go home and put it straight into the computer.

Doesn’t make much sense, does it? But there is something about CDs that I love. I always have the CD changer in my car fully stocked, even though I have an iPod connector. The cases decorate my wall, even though I have the whole collection in zipper cases for easy access.

It makes a collection more substantial, really, to be able to see them all taking up physical space instead of just a portion of the hard drive. To have a collection of digital files doesn’t seem as impressive as stacks of CDs or cases. Sure, soon that may be all we have to show for our music collections. And, of course, I have a number of EPs and singles that I’ve downloaded because they were exclusively released digitally, but I still prefer holding that new CD in my hand before I listen to it the first time.

Is there something you still use that others consider outdated? Anybody else out there still prefer getting an actual CD instead of downloading music?

Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers

We’ve all seen that one cart that seems to have lost its herd. Worse yet are those times when the whole herd seems to have lost its way back to the pen.

The problem isn’t even limited to those giant megastores with miles long parking lots, either. Be it a tiny craft store, local grocer, or the ever-present town megamart, those meandering carts will find their way into the parking spaces.

Placing the cart stalls closer together may seem the most obvious, easy solution, but the length of the walk from the car to the cart return doesn’t matter. Inevitably there will be that one person who parks next to the return stall and leaves the cart in the space on the opposite side of the car.

There is only one real solution to the problem: self-returning carts. If all the shops would install a “New New York” (you’ve all seen Futurama, right?) style interwoven system of tubes below the parking lot, the carts would just have to be placed into holes in the ground and it would take care of the rest.

Then again, giant gaping holes might be a glaring safety hazard ripe for lawsuits. And of course there would be that one jerk who pushes the cart right to the edge of the hole and leaves it.

Maybe the carts need to fly instead…

What slight daily annoyances would you want changed? Anyone have a better idea for how to take care of the rogue shopping carts?