Illustration Friday: Vocal

I know, it seems as if I don’t know what day it is. Don’t worry, I’m fully aware it is Sunday afternoon. But the project is called Illustration Friday. Each week a new, usually one-word, prompt is sent out via email (and posted on the website) for artists to interpret as they choose. This week’s prompt is simply, “Vocal.”

2.5×3.5 artist trading card in colored pencil.

This one is called “Sorry to Myself,” because we all could do with being a little kinder and more apologetic to ourselves and mostly because I had this floating through my head as I drew:

I’m sorry to myself
my apologies begin here before everybody else
I’m sorry to myself
for treating me worse than I would anybody else

-Alanis Morissette, “Sorry to Myself”

What is something you feel you need to apologize to yourself for?