RBG Stitch Along Recap

When Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died in September, The Fernway Studio announced a memorial Stitch Along through her Snarky and Modern Facebook Group. The pattern was released in three parts, and only using black thread on white aida, with the encouragment to choose your own color pallete .

Somone in te group suggested a red, blue, green color pallete for the RBG of her initials, so I decided to do the wording in a gradient of those colors. And I gave her a golden crown, of course.

It might be the fastest I’ve ever finished a cross stitch piece. I even got it washed and framed well before the election day deadline. As for the memorial part of the stitch along, it was just suggested that we donate to whatever cause we felt best fit her memory. I chose to donate to Jaime Harrison’s campaign to take over Lindsey Graham’s Senate seat. With the recently rushed Superme Court Justice confirmation, it seems I chose smartly.

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Stitching Along

I’ve been working lately on catching up on the Happy Little Stitch Along by 8 Bit Stitch (which is still going on if you want to join, highly recommended).

I started out keeping up really well, but as it’s gone along I ended up getting really far behind.

I think at some point I was about 4 clues behind.

Didn’t help that I keep running out of colors that the store also runs out of at the same time.

But I’m almost caught up now, only 1 clue behind.

I’m giving myself lots of time to work on it this week because I just finished up producing two audiobooks.

Also, really excited to be done with the clouds for a bit.

They are really pretty and all, but it’s a lot of large swaths of single colors.

So I’m ready to move on to areas with more bits of more colors.

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