Finished Object – Waterfall Scarf

A green, blue, orange, and red knit scarf with dropped stitch details draped around the neck of a green, adjustable dress form.

And here is the first finished object of 2023 – a Waterfall Scarf. I found this pattern in my 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders book, and it is designed by Linda O’Leary.

A green, orange, red, and blue knit scarf with dropped stitch details hanging over a white door.

Despite it being from a book specifically designed for projects that use a single skein of yarn, I still bought 2 of the Caron Cotton Cakes to make sure I had enough yarn. Obviously it was not only enough, but probably enough for 5 of these. I’m turning the rest into a hat… or two (or three).

Close up of a blue section of the scarf to show the detail of the knit stitches.

Since the details are created by lines of dropped stitches, it made for a quick knit because it was just knitting every row. Even though it didn’t really, dropping the stitches at the end almost felt like it took as along as the knitting.

Full Details:

-Yarn: 120 grams of Caron Cotton Cakes in Peach Blossom

-Needle: Size US10 (6mm)

-Finished dimensions: 6 inches wide, 101 inches long

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Finished Object – Lined Up Vest

A white woman with short brown hair and blue glasses models a gray and purple crocheted vest over a purple, long-sleeved dress with her right hand in the pocket of the vest.

I’m going to start by saying I did not make any holiday gifts this season. I gave gifts that I had previously made, but I did not make any gifts. But my mom’s birthday is in December, and I did make her a birthday gift. This birthday gift, to be exact.

The front of a gray and purple striped crochet vest laying flat.

This is the Lined Up Vest by Ila Quinn Designs. Now, right off the bat I’m going to point out that I made some modifications. The most obvious being that I didn’t add buttons. You may be able to see the other modification if you are looking at the individual vertical rows.

The front of a gray and purple striped crochet vest with a purple collar laying flat.

I actually made the upper portion and lower portion two different sizes by utilizing short rows. It’s slightly more obvious on the back because there are more in a row. Not only did I combine two sizes, the sizes themselves were two sizes apart. With a little extra math, it worked out quite well.

A purple and gray striped crochet vest laying flat wth one side open, showing off the gray pocket.

I also tacked down the corners of the pockets so they wouldn’t hang down, since I didnt add a closure.

A white woman with short brown hair models a purple and gray striped crochet vest, facing away from the camera to show off the back and the purple collar.

And now for the details:

Size: M/XL, created by adding short rows at the top and using the cast on numbers from the XL size.

Yarn (held double):

– Purple- 539.72 yards/309 grams (4.12 balls) Capri Eco Cotton by Loops and Threads in Eggplant

– Gray- 613.08 yards/351 grams (4.68 balls) Capri Eco Cotton by Loops and Threads in Pewter

Hook: 9mm (M/N)

Finished Object – In the Forest of the Night Cardi(s)

I fell in love with the “In the Forest of the Night Cardigan” by Desamour Designs and decided that it would be my birthday present to myself. And by that I mean I bought myself the pattern and yarn for my birthday and made the sweater several months later.

I made size medium and used a little over 3 skeins of Knit Picks CotLin Reflections in the color Stratus. (Unfortunately, this yarn is being discontinued.) I added a few extra rows to the top of the shoulders to make it a little longer, and give a bit longer armhole.

I had most of a skein of the yarn left, so I improvised a quick kerchief to go along with it.

My mom saw mine and requested one for herself, so as soon as she got me the yarn I got started on this version:

This one is size XL and used slightly over 9 balls of Paintbox Yarns Cotton DK in Pansy Purple.

Once again, I had most of a ball left at the end, but this time I adapted the stitch pattern of the cardigan into a hat.

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