Finally Finished with 400 Stitches

Over a year ago I set out to knit swatches of every pattern in the book “400 Knit Stitches.” I finally finished today! More than a year after I had set out to be finished, but I stuck with it anyway.

Even though the swatches are finished, I am not completely finished with the project. Now these 394(ish) swatches have to have their ends woven in and then they are going to be separated, sorted, and made into blankets for Project Linus.

I only knit 394 of the patterns because a couple were the same pattern repeated in the opposite direction (like reverse stockinette is just regular stockinette turned over to the bumpy side), two wouldn’t work on the type of yarn I was using, or other reasons I can’t remember. I say I have around 394 squares because I couldn’t find the pictures for some I swear I did, so I redid those. I may have actually hit the 400 mark, I’ll find out when I count them this weekend.

It’s so nice to no longer have such a long-term project on my mind constantly. I can now start other projects without putting off finishing this one. Although, now I will have to figure out what my next project is…That’s a project in itself.

I Can See The End

And it looks like hundreds of tiny pieces of yarn that needs to be woven into knitting.

I thought I was done with the squares, and I almost am. Only twenty-five to go. Potentially ones I have done before, but I can’t find pictures for them so I am re-making them to be sure. I have committed myself to sitting down and finishing these last twenty-five in order. You know, with plenty of video game breaks in between actually working on it. Because I’m not sitting here knitting twenty-five squares straight. But I do have two-and-a-half done so far since I sat down. I’d say that’s a pretty good pace to get these finished this week.See the photographic evidence of my progress here.

In other news, I also joined Pinterest over the weekend. Click that link to see my few boards so far.

Swatching Up A Storm

I’ve got to admit, I was not very good about swatching before starting a project for many years. Most likely because I was using cheap worsted weight acrylic yarn that doesn’t really change gauge much for so long that I didn’t think it was necessary. Using real yarn has taught me the value of doing a gauge swatch first. That and reading the book Custom Knits Accessories by Wendy Bernard. I rarely follow a pattern to the letter, so swatching is pretty important.

I’ve even started washing the swatches to see how the yarn does in a normal wash cycle, so I know whether or not it will be okay to wash the final product. Much better to find out that a small square shrinks than having an oddly misshapen hat or glove at the end of laundry day.

I’m casting on two projects this weekend:Starry Stole (swatch 1) and Zooey (swatch 2). I knit the swatches Wednesday, hand-washed them yesterday, and now I am ready to measure once more to be sure and cast on.

Oh, and my other swatch project is still going strong. Up to 297 out of 400 right now according to my Google+ Photo Album. Only 103 more to go.

Moving Right Along

I may be slightly behind on my 400 Stitches in 60 days project, but I am still clipping along at a fairly good pace. In 29 days I;ve finished 89 swatches. I may need to speed it up a bit.

Luckily, I got myself a yarn ball winder to make flat-bottomed, center-pull balls out of my yarn skeins and hand-wound balls. Much easier to deal with the yarn in this configuration. Also, way too much fun. So much fun that, when I mess up on a swatch or get a few done from a ball, I’ve been rewinding the yarn a few times.

Speaking of the yarn, I am really burning through the stash well. I have used up six colors so far in this project. According to the estimation on my Ravelry project page (which currently shows two extra colors of yarn I just wound and tossed in the basket today for the next swatches) I have used 1,628.9 yards of yarn already.

If you would like to see pictures of every swatch (because, like me, you have no real life), you can find them in this G+ album that gets updated almost every time I finish a color:

400 Stitches

You can also always see my progress on my project page on Ravelry. I’m also going to put a little bar right over in the side to keep track of swatches numerically. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go cast on another swatch to catch up.