National Coloring Book Day

Apparently there is a day just for coloring books. Yesterday, if you were unaware. Like days for donuts, cakes, etc., I only heard about it on the day. I don’t think anyone could keep up with all these random days. Anyway, my skin tone marker set also happened to show up in the mail yesterday, so I thought I’d do something with them.

A few weeks back I sketched this picture:

and colored it in pencil in my drawing pad. Then I had the idea to color it in marker and watercolor as well, so I traced it in Photoshop and printed it out three times. I decided to do the colored pencil again just to have the three on the same paper in the same dimensions for comparison. And I wanted to film them all:

I think it’s safe to say that I am best at the markers. But, that is what I’ve had the most practice in, so that was fairly predictable. Watercolor was the quickest, which I wouldn’t have thought of, just because I haven’t painted much recently and thought it would be more difficult. I really ought to get a colorless blender pencil, as well.

All in all, this was a really fun project. It was nice to see how one picture can be so different in different media.

P.S.- Want to color it, too? Click here to download the line art.

Birthday Necklaces

I completely thought I had posted this before, but apparently I only thought I did. I made these necklaces in January, because both of my grandmothers have birthdays around the end of January.

They also both happen to like purple, so I thought these amethyst chips would be perfect. The shorter one has groups of three with a focal group of five, while the longer one has a focal group of seven surrounded by groups of five and the rest are three.

I think my favorite thing I learned making these was about the magnetic clasp. It is so easy to put on, especially as a bracelet. And it has a super strong hold.

I liked these so much that I made more for my Etsy store. I also made this video with it:

Looming Dragons

No video this week. At least, not one I made. But I did make something else. Two somethings else.

Hiccup (who is not hugging a tub of barbeque sauce in this picture):

Which I made using this helpful video:

That was an hour yesterday, then today I spent an hour and a half on this little guy:

He comes from this video (because there is no way I wanted to figure this out on my own):

NaBloPoMo November 2014

DIY Friday: Arm Knitting?

Okay, before I get into my real topic for this post, I just have to share this Lucy Neatby provisional cast on video. I was listening to old (2009) episodes of the KnitPicks Podcast where someone suggested this video, so I went to check it out. I seriously don’t know why it was so difficult before, but she explains it perfectly in this video. If you are confused as to how to provisionally cast on, watch it immediately. Or when you have a spare moment.

Now, on to today’s real topic: arm knitting. I’ve seen finger knitting before with yarn, but never one that uses your whole arm. I’m still not sure this is something I will be trying, but for those who want to try (or if you just want to see how this works) here is a good instruction video I found by Audra Kurtz of The Kurtz Corner. Here are her instructions for arm knitting:

Has anyone tried this before? Or even heard of it? Because “wandering” around YouTube was the first time I had ever seen it. I think. I may have seen it before and just forgot about. That does happen from time to time.