I May Be Crazy

because I ordered all of these books from the library. At the same time.

I wasn’t really expecting them all to show up at once, knowing how long it takes for books to get from one library to the other in the LA County system. Technically they didn’t. I actually have one still on order that is apparently pretty popular. (Or not poplar at all and there is only one copy being passed around. I don’t really remember.)

There are 15 books that I picked up in one trip because I decided to whittle down my to-read list on Goodreads, plus four I get weekly from the city library because it gives me a reason to get off my tuchus and get some exercise. So I’ve been desperately trying to read them before they are due and I have to renew them again.

What crazy things have you done lately? Anyone else go a little overboard with library loans?