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The last of the Mother’s Day gifts are the ones I literally finished on Mother’s Day. I started on Thursday, but I didn’t get much past laying down the grids until Sunday morning.

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Cool things are coming…I hope.

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I created the originals on half-sheets of cardstock with a Sharpie pen and a Faber Castel brush pen for thicker lines and the darkened parts. Then I scanned them, cleaned them up, and printed them again on cardstock. I also wrapped a piece of regular paper around them and taped it to create an envelope.

I originally intended to make five, but waiting until the last minute left me with only the time to make three. I’m working on being more prepared for these types of things, but I’m not quite there yet. Obviously.

Want to color these yourself? Click these links, or go to the Freebies page (These are full-page): Top page Middle page Bottom page

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