Crochet The Day Away

Fell into a bit of a crochet pit recently. After finishing my Betty Boyfriend Sweater, I wanted to do something with the extra ball of yarn I had ordered. And by after finishing, I mean immediately because I stayed up way too late that night starting on this bag:

And once I finished the main body of the bag, it needed flowers. And once I made those flowers, I was struck with the idea for the belt after finishing the flowers. It was a mad flurry of hooks and fiber for a few days. Once I finished those, I still felt a need to crochet something else. So I grabbed my Crochet One Skein Wonders book and created this yoga mat bag:

I ended up making it twice, because the first time I went way off course from the pattern. The second time I followed the pattern exactly and it ended up being about a foot too long. Luckily I was able to put my mat in, rip back to about where I wanted it to end, and redo the final round with the mat still in the bag. It’s not a crochet project unless I have to do at least one part twice, I guess.

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