Breakfast Time

Not mine, because how boring would that be. If you want to see pictures of people’s pancakes, etc., go browse Instagram.

No, apparently I stumbled upon this little guy in the back yard

as he was eating his breakfast. (My apologies if the pictures are blurry. They were taken from at least ten feet away with the zoom as high as it would go.)

See? Right there between his feet. Some poor unsuspecting fly has now become a meal. Although, good riddance really. Those flies are annoying.

He might seem tiny against all those leaves, but he really was gigantic for a spider. Unfortunately, when I came back from my bike ride, I couldn’t see him anymore. but the web was still in the same place, so hopefully he was just in a cool place out of the sunshine and not plotting an attack somewhere.

I Couldn’t Resist

…making a bad pun, apparently. See, for this butterfly:
rainbow butterfly
I used the tempera/India ink resist method to create the black outlines.

If you don’t know how an ink resist is done, here is the method I use:

  1. Draw the basic outlines, mainly of the parts that need to be black in the final product.
  2. Fill in the parts that need to stay white with a white tempera/gouache paint. Let that dry at least overnight.
  3. Cover the entire paper with India ink and let it dry.
  4. Rinse the paper under water and gently scrub the underlying paint off.
  5. Let the paper dry, then use watercolors to fill in the other colors.

It takes a few days, but I like how it turned out. Probably should have used a tougher paper to stand up to the washing, but it works well enough.

Ever Seen Inside a Sand Dollar?

“Breaking Free”, mutlimedia on watercolor paper

I had been resting my sand dollar on top of my chalkboard (which is quite shakily balanced on two nails and often falls down when I erase) until a few days ago. It fell down onto my desk and split almost exactly in half, spilling the tiny birds between the pieces.

It was a ready-made art project. I just used watercolors to create the blue-to-purple wash and then glued the pieces on.

I love the fact that there are tiny birds hiding inside the shell, kind of like a flat egg.