Trusty Tunisian Tee Pattern Release

I recently had the pleasure of testing the Trusty Tunisian Tee pattern for Amy Kate of The Graceful Tangle, and it is finally available to purchase!

This pattern uses the Tunisian crochet simple stitch and a regular single crochet stitch. There is minimal shaping done only in single crochet, making this a perfect beginner Tunisian crochet project.

I made mine in Lion Brand Mandala Ombré yarn in the colorway Happy. It took 2 full balls and a small bit of a third to complete the sleeves and the full hem of the medium size. I originally left off the sleeves and the final row of the hem when I only had 2 balls of the yarn, so it is possible to just use 2 for the size medium if that’s all you have on hand, and you definitely only need 2 for the extra small and small sizes.

If you have a good grasp of the Tunisian simple stitch, this project works up fairly quickly. Working on this and several other projects at the same time, I was able to finish in 3 weeks spending around 30 minutes every few days.

This is my first full garment in Tunisian crochet. I’ve only done the simple stitch in a baby blanket prior to this. I did also make gloves using a different Tunisian stitch, but I am still fairly new to this and it was super easy.

All the seaming and details are done in single crochet, so this can be a good project for a true beginner to crochet all together if you want to learn both techniques in a single project.
I love the simple details on this design and the texture of the panels as well.

Check out The Graceful Tangle on Instagram for full details, and to pick up this new pattern!

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Knit Cotton Tee Shirt – Finished!

This shirt started from a tutorial posted by Lauren of Motherofpurl1 on Instagram on how to do an I-cord cast on. I knew immediately I needed to make a shirt with one, and I had a good handful of this DMC Natura yarn left in my stash from a trip to France about 8 years ago.

I wasn’t sure about getting the collar over my head, so I decided to add a small keyhole opening to the back and left myself a long enough tail to crochet a small chain of a few stitches to act as a buttonhole. I even had a near-perfect match of a tiny button in my button bin. (And the opening ended up being completely unnecessary, but it’s cute)

I used each yarn until I ran out of what I had left, hence the uneven stripes. But I managed to have similar enough amounts to make it look like the stripes are intentionally large and small like that.

I ended the bottom and the sleeves with just some 2×2 ribbing and my usual bind off of Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off. Because of the natural yarn restrictions, I did the sleeve edges right after connecting the body at the underarm before using the rest of the pink yarn in the body.

I did very minimal shaping at the chest, just a few increases above and decreases below on the front, plus a few increases at the sides of the hips, but mainly the body is just plain stockinette after the raglan sleeves.

This was just a stash-busting project for myself and not an actual design, but it was a fun “mindless” knit between a bunch of design projects and a test project for another designer.

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Spinning Quite a Yarn

I was super excited when Lauren McElroy’s Crafter’s Box collaboration was announced. I love her Instagram content and have always been interested in learning to use a drop spindle, so it was a perfect box to spend some birthday money on.

There was a small bit of a learning curve, as you can see from the progression in that photo, but the video class was so easy to follow. I even started incorporating some color with some roving from Ganxxet.

Once I had a good amount of two-ply yarn, I wanted to create a project with it. I swatched a bit in crochet and knitting to decide which looked better. The crochet showed off the variation in the thickness (which we will pretend was intentional), so I started a hat.

The yarns I used were about 4-5 WPI, and I roughly measured the smallest amount to find out that I had about 6.9 yards per 10 grams. This hat used 58 grams of the all-white yarn and 41 grams of the blue/purple/white yarn. Really rough estimates mean that I used around 68.31 yards in total.

I’ve also started experimenting with chain plying the yarn (the two small skeins in this picture), which is a lot of fun. I don’t have enough of it yet to do much with it, but I’m thinking maybe gloves.

If you are looking to learn drop spindle spinning, I’d definitely recommend this kit. It’s still available through The Crafter’s Box Marketplace, and they have some accessories you can also pick up through the marketplace to create even more yarns.

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