A Year In Pictures

I come up with some faintly insane ideas. My latest one was a year-long photo project. That’s not an insane idea in itself, but I was going to go about it using polaroids. It only took a few days of research to realize just how expensive that would be ($1.10/photo x 365 days, not to mention buying the camera…) and decide that it would be cheaper to buy myself the DSLR I have been wanting and I could take as many pictures as I want. I take so many pictures already anyway. I managed to take over 125 just yesterday during 20 minutes of a swim class…

So I changed the method of the photo project. Instead of physical photos, I’m gathering them in a Tumblr. A couple times a week I queue up a set of pictures. I have one for each day, of a project I worked on that day. Right now it is going to be a massive amount of cross-stitch pictures. I have a fairly intense project I’m working on a deadline, and some smaller ones that were on a deadline, but since it has passed are now just things I want to get finished already.

Follow my photo project here, and you can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter for more random photos and updates of what I’m doing.

Bit By The Socktober Bug

I had a post all ready to go to tell you about my little sock starters that are only toes. But I obviously can’t post that one because (if you’ve been following along on Twitter) it’s obvious that these are not just toes anymore.

This is where I was on Tuesday, when I started the original post and

this is where I was the next day. I honestly didn’t know I would get that far, but now I can see why so many people are addicted to the sock knitting. It goes so fast and starts looking like recognizable things very very quickly.

See, it was really strange that I wasn’t a sock knitter. I have an extensive collection of socks, but only one pair I had made myself. And I’ve been knitting for over ten years! Ok, I have knit quite a few socks (you can see some of them here), but they aren’t all for me. Every knitter’s plight, eh?

So this time I’m winging it…kind of. I have Wendy Bernard’s excellent guide, Custom Knits Accessories, for basic guidance. But I’m doing these toe up rather than the top down example in the book, so everything goes backward. Plus I’m just putting it on my foot to check measurement instead of actually measuring anything. Makes it go a whole lot faster. Well, except for having to take of my shoe and socks multiple times at jiujitsu Tuesday, but that’s a completely different story…

Aside from weaving in the ends (which will probably take me another two months to get around to because…meh), I think these might be done tonight. I’m so close, I can feel it! And for the first time in my life I will have made a pair of socks in October for Socktober. Yippee!

Oh, What’s This?

I have a habit of signing up on random websites and then promptly forgetting about them. I mean, honestly I don’t use Facebook for anything more than signing into Candy Crush because the majority of my family plays and that’s how I get extra lives and such. I have Twitter, Google+, Ravelry, and that’s about it. Yet I will occasionally come across a new thing and sign up to test it out.

Usually, I forget the log in information in less than a few days and completely forget about the site beyond the random emails within just a few weeks. They end up in the spam bin and that is that. But sometimes they hop back into the regular inbox, and even more rare they pique my interest again.

Which is exactly what happened with Dropr. It is an online portfolio site that lets you upload pictures, videos, sounds, pretty much whatever and put them into different sections. I’ve gone through and uploaded a lot of things into my page and it has been a lot of fun setting everything up.

WIP Wednesday: Project Tunnel Vision

I feel like I have a million projects that need to be done at once, and yet I am really only focusing on one. Mostly because that one is actually two and they are (hopefully) Christmas presents. So I probably need to focus on them. Except that a lot of the other things are also Christmas presents. Hope everyone likes gift cards. 🙂

The one (two) thing(s) I am working on is (are) done in two parts, from the outside in, that will be grafted together once both parts are finished. I started off by doing these one at a time. After I finished one 57-row repeat (and one border) out of a two and a half repeat per side project, I decided to make it easier on myself. Rather than making the same thing four times over, I’m doing them all at once.

I only have three on this needle, but the fourth is waiting on an extra cable to be connected once they are all at the same place in the pattern. Right now these three are on row 9 of the edging. It really is going more smoothly, once I managed to get all the stitches cast on correctly. Took about an hour of casting on and starting the first row, finding out there were way too many stitches, and re-casting on to get everything going.

These are almost the only things I have been working on this week. Makes for a bit of a boring update. But, I did also set up a Twitter account for Elizabeth House. You can follow it for more news about special events and things going on with the house.

Oh, one more thing. I managed to set up a Ravelry Store! So far the only thing there is my One-Day Armwarmers (Thanks for the love on that one, by the way.), but I am aiming to get a second (also free) pattern up there on Friday. If I can tear myself away from my current knitting, that is.

We Really Do Complain Too Much

So I posted this on Twitter a few months ago:

Kinda funny, right? I mean, the brown box itself might have actually been less obvious than the doormat thrown over the top. I thought it was a silly picture to share. A few hours later there was a response:

It’s official, we have way overused Tweet-shaming. I didn’t even put @UPS in my tweet, so apparently they have some lowly intern who is required to sit at the computer and monitor tweets for any negative mention of UPS.

Really, is that what it has come to? Companies have to constantly patrol the Internet for irate (or even slightly amused) customers? Seems like a waste of resources when there are so many other ways to express dissatisfaction with a company, like those automated phone surveys that call five minutes after you pick up your car from an oil change or off-shore phone centers you can call to berate the underpaid employees who have no connection to your problem whatsoever.

Hunger Games, You Sucked Me In

I didn’t really know much about the “Hunger Games” trilogy (by Suzanne Collins) when talk of the movie first started. I was frequently getting requests on Twitter to join the “MaleseforKatniss” campaign. Having finally read the book, I agree that Malese Jow would have made a good Katniss Everdeen. I just didn’t know it at the time.

As the movie release gets closer, more people seemed to be getting more excited about it. I had originally planned to grab a copy from the library sometime, and completely underestimated the appeal of this book. There are waiting lists hundreds deep at all my local libraries, both for the physical copy and the digital one. So I downloaded the sample on my NOOK and started reading.

By the end of page one I was hopelessly hooked. I kept reading as I was knitting my mom’s new shrug, and by the end of the sample I automatically hit the “Buy Book” button at the top. There was no way I could just stop in the middle. Or in the middle of one of the final sentences of chapter one, rather.

This was the first book I’ve read in a while that I haven’t been able to put down. Possibly because most of my recent reads are actually re-reads. But “The Hunger Games” is wonderfully suspenseful and very well paced. If you can get your hands on a copy and haven’t read it yet, do!

Now I’m actually getting excited about the movie. Although, I am a bit wary of the violence and “icky” parts since I am slightly squeamish.

Have you read the whole trilogy? Were you one of the fans from the beginning, or did you become aware of it when the movie buzz came about? What books are you reading now, or what movies are you looking forward to seeing?

P.S.- I just joined Goodreads and am working on figuring it out. Here’s the link to

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