Kool-Aid Does What? (Dyeing Yarn With Drink Powder)

I’m fairly certain everyone has had some form of Kool-Aid in their lives. Which is why it is almost slightly disturbing to find out that it works so well as a fiber dye. Not that that means I will stop drinking the stuff, of course.

Not being able to find the correct shade of yarn to make my next Starry Stole, I decided to try dyeing my own. I was going to order some acid dyes, until I saw this tutorial on Kool-Aid dyeing on the Knit Picks website.

The blank yarn came last week, so I picked up some Market Pantry Sugar Free Strawberry Lemonade mix (which turned out to be a pretty color, but totally the wrong shade), because Target doesn’t actually carry powdered Kool-Aid anymore, apparently. I started by washing the yarn in the sink:

I used the Yarn Harlot washing method of tossing the yarn on top of the soapy water and letting it sink on its own. I just let it go until I remembered it was in the sink and realized the dog hadn’t peed on the carpet and that was just the wet wool in the sink.

I mixed a bit of the drink powder with some water, put the yarn on top, and filled the rest of the dish with water. The next step is microwaving it in spurts until the color is all soaked into the yarn, like this:

After letting it cool, I rinsed it, washed it again, and let it dry on the sink.

I was supposed to make this a very pale pink. It didn’t exactly work out. I mixed up Strawberry Lemonade and Pink Lemonade in my mind. So now I have ordered two hanks of the blank yarn, one to use to test out the colors and one to actually dye once I find the right shade.

As for this flamingo yarn, I’m thinking an overdye with some light blue to get me to a purple/blue variegated-esque yarn to turn into some sort of scarf or shawl. Undecided right now, but I have a few other projects to finish before I start something that doesn’t really have a specific purpose.

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