Around the Block for a Third Time

I have participated in the #BlockPartyWithGina Instagram challenge run by Gina of Ridge and Roots three times now (but somehow only wrote a wrap up post once), and it really is something I look forward to every time it is announced. Though I am realizing that the things I want to do with block printing might require some different tools and perhaps a little more time dedicated to each block. I always feel like I’m rushing each design because I procrastinate too much in the beginning stages.

It’s tough to pick my favorite block this time around, but I do love that I figrued out a way to do two-colored prints. Might’ve gone overboard by doing so many of them with that technique, though. I think that caused a lot of my rushing this time.

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The first week prompt for this round of the #BlockPartyWithGina is connection/community and, with everyone at home and communicating mainly via the internet, I decided to capture that sense of connection and community from afar. I'm really proud of this two-color print, because it is my first time doing one. I’m still trying to figure out a lot with the printing, and it often takes me a lot of tries just to get a few prints. Swipe to the 3rd slide to see how many prints I pulled versus the 4th slide of the 4 best ones that I will be putting up on Etsy later today. Image description: Slide 1- A block printed image of two cell phones with message bubbles on the screen with hands coming out and being held in the center all in green with a pink heart in the middle above the hands on a white square piece of paper. Slide 2 – A block printed image of two cell phones with message bubbles on the screen with hands coming out and being held in the center all in green with a purple heart in the middle above the hands on a white square piece of paper. Slide 3 – 16 squares of paper with the block printed image on them, some with pink hearts and some with purple, laid out on an art board with a paper cutter, some paper scraps, a box of inks, and a towel, all on a bed. Slide 4 – A closer picture of four squares of paper, three with pink hearts and one with a purple heart on an art board with some paper scraps visible in the corner. #BlockPrinting #TwoColorPrinting #LinoCutPrinting #LinoCut #ConnectionAndCommunity #Connection #Community #Technology #ConnectionThroughTechnology #Heart #SpeedballInk

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These little ones that I framed are some of my favorites. They are currently available on my Etsy shop.

This design I originally wanted to do half this size to be the front of a card, but I wasnt’ able to get the definition I wanted. Instead of continuing on and forcing myself to finish something I didn’t like, I restarted and made it full size. I like it way more this way. It’s also available on my Etsy page.

This design is the first one that I actually abandoned. I kept trying and trying to fix it, but couldn’t get it to do what I wanted. Eventually I got so frustrated with it that I stepped away from the whole block party project for a week, despite knowing what I wanted to do for the next design.

Once I finally admitted to myself that I wasn’t happy with the direction this card was going, I was able to move on and make something that I did end up really ahppy with, even though it didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted it to, either.

Unfortunately, because I backed this block in cardboard, I was unable to get as consistent prints as I wanted with this block, it’s not ready to be on my Etsy. I am going to fix the mounting issues and make a better run of them soon, hopefully to post before the cut off for the holidays.

I think my favorite of all to make was this final print. The print portion was done in a single color, but I embossed the spiders indiviually after printing. I didn’t get these finished in time to list before Halloween this year, but I’ll hold onto them to list in time for Halloween next year.

All in all, I think this Block Party was the best yet. I learned a lot that I want to implement in my printing, and I made quite a few blocks I was really happy with. Next on my to-do list, printing on fabric!

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