Animal Alphabet

I made this little alphabet and animals poster back in August using the iPad app Procreate. Rather than cramming in an animal for every letter, I decided to just pick a few from each row to keep it balanced and uncluttered. Not gonna lie, I chose only my favorite animals to put in this poster. I think my favorite of the animals I included is the little tree frog hanging from the T.

I used the auto-generated process video to make a new YouTube video for the first time in years, and I also turned it into my first Instagram Reel.

You can find a high resolution download of this poster on my Ko-Fi page for free! From there you can print it out or use it as a background image for a device. I have quite a few of these new digital drawings that I have shared and that I have yet to share, so I am going to post a few a week for the next few weeks until I catch up. If you want to see the ones I’ve already posted, you can find them all very easily on my Ko-Fi page in the Digital Art Album.

Find me on Ko-Fi, Instagram, Ribblr, and Twitter.

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