Finish and Display Cross Stitch in a Frame

When you are done with your cross stitch piece, you have to decide how to display it. A very protective way is to frame it. For this you will need an appropriately-sized frame and self-stick backing board.

The first step whenever you finish a cross stitch piece is to wash it using a mild laundry detergent. My favorite way is to use a no-rinse detergent like Soak or Eucalan and soak the whole piece in a bowl with the soap and water for around half an hour, and then let it air dry overnight. This will get rid of any water-eraseable markings along with most marks from your hands. You can also toss in a color catching sheet into the soaking water to help prevent color bleeding.

Once the piece is dry, flip it facedown and iron it on the rear at a medium setting, being sure not to linger too long in any one spot to prevent burning your fabric or threads. This will get out any wrinkles that may have shown up while it was drying.

Peel the cover off your backing board and place your cross stitch piece on it, centering it first and then pressing outward, making sure to stick it down flat all the way to the edges.

Depending on the depth of your frame, you can either trim the excess fabric to about 1/2 inch on each side of the board and pull it around to the back of the backing board, or trim it next to the edges of the board. Place it into your frame and display it on a shelf or a wall.

Here’s a video to help you through the framing portion of this step:

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