This Week in WIPS

I sort of finished a few things this week, but nothing is completely finished and ready to be posted. So instead I am just going to show off the current works in progress I have been working on this week.

First up is this test project I’m working on which is a tee shirt made using Tunisian crochet. I’m really happy that I found this color way in Lion Brand Mandala Ombré yarn (because the color way is named Happy, which is only a pun that makes sense if you knew that ahead of time), and I can’t wait to finish and take pictures with my actual camera, because the iPhone camera does not do these colors justice.

I’ve also pulled out a really old, giant WIP. This is the Happy Little Stitch Along by Kari Warning of 8 Bit Stitch. Actually, it was a stitch along when I started. Now you can just get the pattern all in one. I lost my file I was keeping track on, so I just started from the opposite side on the full pattern and am just laying in the forest on the left side.

I’ve also finished the prototypes of part of a new pattern. I have one more prototype sock of a different version of this pattern, which I’ve started today, and then it’s on to math and sample knitting.

I’m also committed to posting progress photos each day in my WIP gallery on my Ko-fi page, and randomly on my Instagram (and Twitter because it auto-shares over there), if you want to see more regular updates since I’m only posting here once a week.

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