Finished Object – Houndstooth Handwarmers

Several months ago, I set out to make a colorwork pattern for submission to a design call. I wanted to refresh myself on the technique, though, because it had been quite a while since I had done colorwork. So I turn to LoveCrafts and found the Houndstooth Handwarmers by Ellen Gill.

I had some mystery yarn in my stash box, and it managed to match the gauge, so I decided to use it. I’d say it’s size 2/ fingering weight yarn.

I used the two-handed method, contrast color (gray) in the left hand and main color in the right since I normally throw because I use a method in which I maneuver the left needle to do most of the work and doing everything with my left hand puts too much strain on my left wrist. Anyway, the two-hand method makes my floats super organized and nice on the back side.

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