Illustration Friday: Faded

“Old Blue Jeans” – watercolor

The word faded always brings to mind jeans for me. Especially jeans that are faded in the right spots from wearing them for years, not the acid-wash style jeans.

“I’m gonna put on my old blue jeans/gonna walk out of here and into the streets/ would you put up resistance/ would it make a difference/ would you know the real me/ me in my old blue jeans” – “Old Blue Jeans”  Hannah Montana

4 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Faded

  1. SzaboInSlowMo says:

    That is a nice illustration. I like it!

    I also just gave you 2 awards in my last post. If you don’t feel like participating, I completely understand, but hope you consider it a compliment. Have a great day!

    • caseykayb says:

      Thank you! I tried to reply to this comment a week ago, but I was doing it on my non-smartphone so I guess I didn’t do it correctly. 🙂

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