In Development

I’m still working on my Starry Stoles, just not currently. I needed a teensy break from the monotony of swaths of stockinette and beads. Instead, I am working on this:

A bag full of yarn doesn’t make sense to you? Pssh, picky. Here’s more:

It’s a new lace hat that I am taking row by row, as you can see by the notebook in the picture. Basically I’ve picked out a lace pattern and am figuring out the specifics of each row as I get to it. Helps keep my place in the pattern, really, since it doesn’t exist until I get to it.

I’ve just gotten to the widest part, so now I’m just working my way through the length. I’m thinking another color change repeat and finishing off the band in gray. Hopefully I will have this hat finished by this weekend.

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