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I recently read from Carina at Häkelmonster about a project called #100WomenProject. I’ll give you the explanation of the project from that page:

The goal for this project is for at least 100 women to crochet one or more of these wisteria vines and submit them for display in an installation that will be shown in an exhibition that opens on May 1 at Lovebomb in Richmond, VA, USA. The aim of this project is to showcase the strength and individuality of the women who participate. That is why the color of yarn and length of the vine are left to the discretion of the participants. Each woman will also submit an index card with their name and hometown on it and the cards will be compiled in a book that will be displayed alongside the installation.

This project is the capstone piece of the artist, Amy Reader’s, time as an undergraduate student and is a part of her Honors Thesis Exhibition at the University of Richmond.

I think the craziest part of all of this is that I have contributed to an art project across the country, that I found out about from someone who doesn’t even live in the same country. It’s amazing how interconnected we all are on the Internet.

If you want to contribute a vine (or a noodle, as my friend who teaches the kids’ swim classes called it), you have until next Friday (April 10) to get them into the mail. These take almost no time at all to finish. I learned about it last Friday-ish and got both into the mail yesterday morning. There is a crochet pattern and a knit pattern, so you have options for however you want to make it.

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