V-owl-entine’s Day Gifts

I’ve made a few different owl-themed projects this past year that I have featured on my Tumblr. This has lead to me getting followed by several owl-themed blogs that I have followed back, so my dash is usually sprinkled with owls. When I started to think of Valentine’s for the kids, owls immediately came to mind. Especially after “Superb Owl” Sunday the previous week.

If I was not lazy, I would’ve started working on those during the week. But I am lazy, so I scrambled to find something I could make quickly on Satuday night. There wasn’t time to go to the store, so I had to pick something I had on hand that would be quick to put together. I pulled out my wool and looked up this tutorial on Pinterest for a general guideline.

I made one set on Saturday to give Sunday morning, then I was able to make the second set on Sunday to leave out for Monday. I even managed to only stab myself about ten times total, and I didn’t bleed on the owls. I’d call that a success.

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