Owl Hold Your Water

I mentioned last week that I had posted a few owl-themed projects on Tumblr which caused me to be followed by some owl-related blogs. One of those projects was this little water bottle holder:

After getting new lunch containers, the little one’s lunchbox would no longer fit his water bottle as well. So I decided to quickly pull together a bottle holder that could attach to the handle of his lunchbox. He was really into owls at the time, and I just happened to have the felt around to make this little guy.

I cut out the felt pieces and sewed the parts together before sewing it to the outer layer of the rectangular part. I sewed the ends of the rectangle together to create a tube, then sewed a circle the circumference of the water bottles to the bottom. At the top, I made a casing and threaded a string through, adding a pull tab to tighten it securely around the top of the bottle.

To attach it to the lunchbox, I just pulled the empty holder through the string, wrapping the string around the lunchbox handle. Then it was ready for the bottle to set in and the string to be pulled close around it.

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