It’s Not Frosting

If you’ve ever looked at beauty tutorials on Pinterest, you’ve no doubt come across a number of DIY lotions. I decided to try one out since I had been using Bio Oil all over, but that stuff is expensive. So I thought coconut based lotion would be a good alternative. Plus, I also found a recipe that used cocoa butter, so it smells like chocolate.

The one things I didn’t count on while making it was how much it would look like frosting while beating it in the mixer. You see, I have a tendency to lick my hands when making frosting. A lot. It took a lot of restraint to remember I wasn’t actually making food.

IMG_3606Anyway, I whipped everything together in the mixer and then transfered it to smaller containers and added different essential oils. I made two peppermint and two perppemint/orange mixes. And with the cocoa butter, it smells amazing.

IMG_3607Unfortunately, during the heatwave it all melted, then resolidified in a way that I couldn’t get it from the container. So I had to set everything outside to melt, bring it in and add some beeswax, and then pour it into these little containers to make lotion sticks. But I think it’s much easier to put it on this way anyway.IMG_3910

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