Washed Up

I finally had to toss my favorite washcloth when the worn spot in the center finally became a giant hole. And then I forgot I had one less washcloth until I went to get my third “set” of towels down to use for this week and it was just a towel. I already had the water running that day (because that is how bad I am at planning that I didn’t realize I didn’t have a towel ready until I had already turned the shower on) so I just washed as well as I could and then set about making a new washcloth.

After a few different false starts, I finally devised a system utilizing a couple knitting needles to keep the tension on the edges. Before it had been pulling in more and more with each row, leaving the whole piece about three inches wide. Not exactly washcloth sized. So once I figured that out, it got way easier.

I started with just the white yarn, but I decided I didn’t want a fully white washcloth. So I found a second color in what I think was some cotton yarn and made stripes. I attempted a terrycloth style technique at first, but it wasn’t working out. I used a plastic take-out fork to pack it down tightly so the end result is a bit thick and fluffy instead.

The end weaving process was a bit dull and cumbersome, but that is to be expected with any project. Especially one that you want to use almost immediately. I was literally waiting to take a shower until it was done, so I really didn’t like having to weave in all those ends. I’ve got to figure out a way to work it so I don’t have those left.

The end result turned out really nicely. I was afraid it would be stiff or rough, but it is nice and soft once you run it under the water. Just like any other washcloth, really.

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