The Vest is Yet to Come

Actually, the vest is finally finished but I couldn’t come up with a pun for that.

The torso of a woman wearing a green rib knit vest with a single green button at center neck, blue from hem, and blue crochet edging over a grey long sleeve shirt and black pants standing in a garden.

This vest came about because I had a variety of green yarn in similar weights sitting around in my stash. I wanted to do something with it, so I opened up my 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders book and searched through until I found something that matched the approximate weight category.

The front of a green knit vest with blue hem and crochet edging and a single green button at the center neck laying on a light wood floor.

The Simple Mistake Rib Vest by Karen J. Minott fit the bill perfectly. I didn’t end up having enough of the green (though I did try to gauge it by knitting with the rest of the yarn in pattern for enough stitches for the front. I did not take into account the neckline increases and fooled myself into thinking I had enough), so I added some blue at the bottom front since the vest is knit from the bottom back hem up and over to the front hem. I did both front panels at the same time so they would run out of yarn at the same time, and also because shirts take a long time and I would’ve procrastinated even more if I had to do another front panel after finishing the first one.

The back of a green knit vest with blue crochet edging laying on a light wood floor.

To tie it all together (and because I was already out of green yarn) I worked the crocheted edging all around the neck, hem, and armholes in the blue yarn. The edging is only called for on the neckline, but I thought it would look less out of place or like I had run out of yarn if I added it to the bottom and arms. I also sewed the side seams with that blue yarn, even though you don’t see it as much from the outside.

Close up of two buttons sewn together on the edge of a green knit vest with blue crochet edging.

To make the button more stable, I used two of the same button to sandwich the edge and make it sturdy.

All in all, this is a great stash-busting pattern. I would say if you have a bunch of yarn in the same weight but different colors, striping them in could make a really nice vest with this pattern. Or you could always just use the same yarn throughout and have a really polished garment.

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