Stacked Hearts and Cables Hat

I created and released a knitted hat pattern a couple months ago, but I was unintentionally neglecting the blog at that point and failed to write about it. But I am happily remedying that today. Introducing the Stacked Hearts and Cables Hat!

This hat is knit top-down with alternating lace and cable sections, ending with two inches of 3 x 2 ribbing. The optional pom-pom at the top adds an extra fun touch, especially when made from the same Malabrigo Rios yarn as the hat. I love the way the cut ends of the Rios look.

I had originally bought the green yarn for an incentive for myself at Christmas to get some presents done, and it ended up taking until June. Actually, I didn’t even finish the things, just moved them around on the list to be presents for this year.

You can find the pattern on LoveCrafts, Ravelry, my Ko-Fi shop, and my Etsy shop. It’s a PDF download in each of those places, so the choice really comes down to which is most convenient for you.

Find me on Ko-Fi, Instagram, Ribblr, and Twitter.

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