Another Cross Stitched Beanie

A while back I tested the pattern for the Cross Stitched Beanie by Ila Quinn Designs. During the test, I made two versions, one in the original yarn and another in a different yarn that was available at the store because I wanted to make sure I had enough time to make the hat. (I’m wearing the hat made from the original yarn in my profile picture.)

When I finished my test of the Trusty Tunisian Tee (coming soon!) by The Graceful Tangle, I had most of a ball of Lion Brand Mandala Ombré left in the colorway Happy. I figured another Cross Stitched Beanie was in order, and I happened to have just enough left to make the hat and pompom with no leftovers.

I had to fiddle with the gauge a bit because I was a little wide on the stitch gauge and short on the row gauge, so this hat was made with the stitch count of the medium size and the row count of the XL. It worked out perfectly, even if it did take a few tries to get the right stitch count attached to the band.

I’m still trying to decide whether I will keep this one for myself or put it in the pile for Christmas, but I do know I really like it in this yarn.

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One thought on “Another Cross Stitched Beanie

  1. Ila Quinn says:

    All of your cross stitched beanies have been so beautiful!!! Thank you for being a fantastic tester!!! Ugh. I always have a hard time deciding what goes into the gift pile. 😩 I want all the things I’ve made!!!

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